Papier Sprick at the LogiMAT 2024:
trade fair highlight PaperJet® Bridge

We are looking back on a successful LogiMAT in Stuttgart with a total of around 76,000 visitors. Alongside solutions in the field of automated packaging, the PaperJet® Bridge was the absolute highlight of our trade fair presence this year.

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The paperjet® bridge

Fast, modular and easy to use: The PaperJet® Bridge is the solution for endless cushion supply at the packing station. At our trade fair stand, the guide system grabbed attention as an eye-catcher with an illuminated visualization and highlighted the particularly fast cushion transport. From the base station with the tried-and-tested PaperJet®, the PaperJet® Bridge conveyed paper cushions at the touch of a button to the removal container at the other end of the stand. It fully utilized the advantages of its particularly low footprint and slim design during the trade fair presentation.

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Paperjet®bridge: fast, modular and easy to use

The PaperJet® Bridge makes full use of the PaperJet®‘s speed of up to 200 cushions per minute, enabling uninterrupted cushion supply at top speed. The system can be ideally adapted to the requirements of the packing situation: It can be integrated via stands, wall mounting or ceiling suspension; cushion lengths and conveying speed are freely adjustable.


The PaperJet® is the fastest paper cushioning system on the market. The system ensures a fast and demand-orientated material supply within the packaging process in the form of individual paper cushions. The paper feed from the ComPackt endless pallet enables set-up times to be reduced to a minimum. Thanks to its small footprint, the PaperJet® can be perfectly integrated into the existing packing station.


With the VariMailer® Pro, we showcased an innovative solution in the field of packaging automation at our stand. The system packs and labels automatically – a particularly high output and product-tailored shipping packaging in the form of the V-Mail® help to optimize the shipping process. Visitors to our stand were able to experience the simple operation of the system, which is made possible by a particularly intuitive user interface.

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Sustainability is a key aspect of our products: The consumables of the VariMailer® Pro are made of eco-friendly corrugated cardboard from the roll, replacing the need to stock many different types of shipping packaging. The ComPackt® continuous paper pallet supplies the PaperJet® with 7,600 running meters of certified recycled paper and reduces set-up times to a minimum.

Impressions of the trade fair

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