Corrugated roll

Classic, very inexpensive packaging material for a variety of applications in different qualities
  • Application options (depending on the basic material)
  • Packaging for all shapes and sizes (furniture bodies, plates, asymmetrical shapes)
  • Intermediate layer
  • Surface protection
  • Lining of all kinds of containers
  • Padding material
  • Available in individual roll widths and run lengths

Our classic – continuous, flexible and eco-friendly packaging

The particular strength of corrugated roll lies in its flexibility with regard to unlimited applications and the favourable price.

We produce single or multi-corrugated rolls with different corrugation types, and these are also available in individual widths and lengths on request. Depending on the packaging purpose, you can choose from different paper types and grammages for the outer covering, corrugated web and inner covering, or lamination with foam or eco-friendly fleece (e.g. to adapt the strength or flexibility of the corrugated cardboard optimally to the packaged item).

We can offer you our inexpensive standard qualities, with 80 g grey chip paper we produce ourselves in the corrugation and outer covering. The grey chip paper consists of 100 % recycled paper and is also 100 % recyclable, thus making it particularly eco-friendly. We recommend corrugated cardboard with Kraftliner or Testliner in the outer covering for packaging purposes where special strength is required.

We would be happy to advise you on the choice of the right configuration.

Our corrugated roll can also be ideally processed with Papier Sprick cutting equipment and packaging machines. This allows you to combine the efficiency of the material with maximum flexibility in use and enhance the efficiency of the packaging department.

Typical users of our corrugated roll include the following:

  • Automotive industry and automotive suppliers
  • Mechanical engineering and metal construction
  • Plastic processing
  • Hauliers and transportation
  • Mail order
  • Porcelain/ceramic industry

Product features

  • Corrugated cardboards:
    • B‑roll / BE‑roll / C‑roll / E‑roll / F‑roll
    • Rolls and formats
    • Roll widths from 10 to 250 cm
    • Individual run lengths
    • Formats in specified dimensions
    • Use-oriented corrugated cardboard configuration
    • 100 % recycled / FSC® / Made in Germany
  • Our inexpensive standard corrugated board:
    • 2x 80 g/m² (open/single-sided quality)
    • Outer cover and corrugation made of grey chip paper
    • C‑roll or B‑roll
    • Roll width usually 70 to 100 cm
    • Run length 70 m
    • 100 % recycled / FSC® / Made in Germany
  • Individual dimensions, formats, creases and laminations available on request

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The best for the environment

100% Recycled paper
Our eco-friendly filling and padding papers are Blue Angel award winners and certified by the FSC®. They consist of 100 % recycled paper with no added virgin fibres, optical brighteners or refining agents which are harmful to health.

Conserving the environment & resources
Consistent use of 100% recycled paper preserves and protects our forests and waters. When compared to virgin fibre paper production, our products save over 70% of the water, 60% of the energy and 100% of the wood required while, additionally, generating considerably lower CO

Your one-stop provider – Made in Germany
Our production conserves resources and is realised exclusively in Germany to the latest technical standards – with the assurance of ISO 50001 certification.

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