Packaging papers

Packaging papers

Whether for wrapping, bundling, lining or as an intermediate layer, at Papier Sprick you can obtain the right paper for every application, either in rolls or cut to size.

To prevent goods stacked on pallets, for example, from slipping during transport, we offer the PalFix® anti-slip paper. For heavier goods or goods with sensitive surfaces, our DUO‑Pack GRIP corrugated board coated with PU foam is also suitable.

With FormPack bubble paper, Papier Sprick offers you a perfect and, above all, environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap or plastic bubble bags. You can also choose between rolls and formats or the handy paper dispenser FormPack Box.

As one of the leading German manufacturers, in addition to the wide range of standard dimensions, we also supply individual dimensions in first-class quality and for (almost) every application. The grey chip paper and natron mixed papers and tissue paper from Papier Sprick are particularly eco-friendly. They are made of 100% recycled paper and are sustainably produced exclusively in our own production facilities in Germany according to the latest and certified environmental standards.

Embossed dimple cushioning paper as an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap

The handy paper dispenser box with eco-friendly cushioning paper for small consignors

Flexible packing paper for filling voids or fixing in shipping cartons

Non-slip paper that protects goods stacked on pallets against slipping and displacement during transportation

Paper dispenser box with filling paper for small or private consignors

Paper dispenser box for individual and eco-friendly packaging

The delicate packing paper for particularly fragile objects