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Special solutions


Our special solutions are customised for you. The mechanical engineering specialists will be happy to advise you and help you find the perfect solution for your needs. After an on-site inspection, we will provide you with an as-is analysis, advise you and accompany your project including set-up and training.

Econopack WSU

With the WSU, your packages are transported, manually packed in the material you require, strapped and manually removed. The production process is fully automatic. With the WSU, operator intervention is only necessary for packing and removing the packages. The precise measurement of the package ensures that only as much packaging material as necessary is used.

VariPack – „Boxes off the roll”

The VariPack gives you the greatest possible flexibility in producing the “box from the roll” in the quantity and dimensions you require. The roll material is automatically scored, slit and cut. The packaging is produced in individual size only when you need it. This allows you to achieve the lowest costs for warehousing and logistics while at the same time reducing packaging costs. The manufactured blank is optionally laminated with foam (for sensitive surfaces) or with paper.

VariProtect XL® – „Off-the-roll edge protection”

Die Variprotect XL® is an innovative system based on the DUO-Pack XL roll material. With just one roll, you can customise your edge protection on site in different dimensions to suit the product – even in batch size 1. Only as much material is used as is actually needed, so there is no waste whatsoever. This means maximum flexibility with minimum material and logistics costs.

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