Filling material & cushioning material

Filling material & cushioning material

Voids in shipping cartons mean that items can move and be damaged as a result.

Our filling material reliably fills these voids and consists of 100 % recycled paper. In addition to avoiding unnecessary returned shipments, you also make a positive contribution to the environment – gaining a real image boost that cannot fail to impress your customers.

Aside from filling voids, shipping items can also be fixed in place or cushioned. We recommend winding resilient paper scrolls for secure cushioning of particularly heavy products.

Do you have to deal with particularly large shipping volumes? Then you would benefit from a filling or cushioning system that processes filling paper particularly quickly and can be integrated easily in the packing station.

You can order filling material on the roll or in formats, depending on the type you require. And what always applies at Papier Sprick also applies here: 100 % made in Germany!

Environmentally friendly recycled paper as a continuous pallet or in packages

Embossed dimple cushioning paper as an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap

The handy paper dispenser box with eco-friendly cushioning paper for small consignors

Flexible packing paper for filling voids or fixing in shipping cartons

Pre-manufactured paper cushions for protecting particularly heavy and sharp-edged packages

The environmentally friendly alternative to classic filling chips

Paper dispenser box with filling paper for small or private consignors

Paper dispenser box for individual and eco-friendly packaging

The delicate packing paper for particularly fragile objects