Fully automatic system for the production of mailing bags
  • Produce mailing bags directly from the roll
  • Just-in-time production
  • Eco-friendly due to the use of recycled corrugated board
  • up to 1,000 mailing bags per hour
  • simple operation
  • Increase in output without additional personnel costs
  • Optimum interaction: machine and corrugated cardboard from a single source

With the VariMailer, customised mailing bags made of eco-friendly recycled corrugated cardboard can be produced just in time on site. The system impresses with its simple operation and high throughput of up to 1,000 mailing bags per hour. The operating principle is simple: insert the product, press the trigger and the product is packed and ready for dispatch thanks to the integratable label printer. The VariMailer is particularly suitable for shipping small and medium-sized products with dimensions of up to 300 x 250 x 45 mm which are packed and shipped in large quantities. In general, the system shows its strengths for large shippers due to its high speed and the use of eco-friendly corrugated cardboard.

In addition to optimising the shipping process, the system also makes better use of storage capacity, as only one roll size is used to produce the mailing bags and therefore less stockpiling of different types of outer packaging is required. From just one roll of eco-friendly recycled corrugated cardboard with 380 running metres, 1,000 – 1,500 mailing bags can be produced, depending on the product size.


  • Fixed roller mounting on the machine
  • Easily adjustable package setting
  • Package chute exit
  • Perforation/creasing knife
  • Trigger: Hand buzzer


  • Mobile lifting trolley for easy loading
  • Automatic detection of product dimensions
  • Additional data input options for improved efficiency (e.g. scanner)
  • Integrated label printer
  • Digital printing system
  • Automated conveyor for improved output
  • Additional perforation knives
  • Additional operation triggers


The machine equipment is always matched to the respective application and configured individually according to the customer’s needs.

Product features

  • for products with dimensions up to 300 x 250 x 45 mm
  • 380 running metres of recycled corrugated board for 1,000 to 1,500 mailing bags
  • Output of up to 1,000 mailing bags per hour
  • Optional accessories available, such as integratable label printer, various triggers, conveyor technology, product height measurement, etc.
  • Made in Germany

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Your contact

Nicholas Wood

Sales Director
United Kingdom

Your advantages:

  • Simple operation

    Insert the product, press the trigger - that's it!

  • Cost efficiency

    Reduced personnel deployment through automation

  • Super fast

    Up to 1,000 mailing bags per hour

  • Eco-friendly

    Through the use of recycled corrugated cardboard

The best for the environment

100% recycled paper
Our eco-friendly filling and padding papers are Blue Angel award winners and certified by the FSC®. They consist of 100 % recycled paper with no added virgin fibres, optical brighteners or refining agents which are harmful to health.

Conserving the environment & resources
Consistent use of 100% recycled paper preserves and protects our forests and waters. When compared to virgin fibre paper production, our products save over 70% of the water, 60% of the energy and 100% of the wood required while, additionally, generating considerably lower CO2 emissions.

Your one-stop provider – Made in Germany
Our production conserves resources and is realised exclusively in Germany to the latest technical standards – with the assurance of ISO 50001 certification.

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