Combination of corrugated cardboard and PU foam with non-slip properties
  • High non-slip effect, including with heavy goods
  • Greater stability when compared to conventional non-slip papers, as heavy goods “sink” into the “soft paper”
  • For sensitive surfaces
  • As pallet support or intermediate layer for securing loads
  • Available as corrugated roll in individual roll widths and run lengths or
  • As corrugated cardboard formats with individual dimensions
  • Also available as ready-made pre-cuts in practical strip format

DUO‑Pack GRIP is a single-sided corrugated cardboard coated with foam material that prevents slipping. Single or two-sided lamination with high-quality PU foam creates an optimum non-slip effect and is extremely surface-friendly.

DUO‑Pack GRIP acts as a pallet support or intermediate layer for securing loads. DUO‑Pack GRIP also retains its padding and shock absorbing effect with heavy weights. No slipping, no scratching of sensitive surfaces: DUO‑Pack GRIP stabilises and protects.

DUO‑Pack GRIP is available in rolls or formats. Dimensions can be individually determined.

Product features

  • B‑roll / E‑roll / F‑roll
  • Single-sided corrugated cardboard – PU foam lamination on both sides (to prevent slipping)
  • Thickness 6 mm
  • Roll on 70 mm tube
  • Formats, spacer strips
  • Reusable many times over
  • FSC® / Made in Germany



Individual dimensions, formats, creases and laminations available on request

Add-ons and accessories

The reliable paper cutter with unwinder for every packing station

Individual and exact provision of corrugated pre-cuts that ensures maximum flexibility and requires minimum space

Similar products

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The best for the environment

100% recycled paper
Our eco-friendly filling and padding papers are Blue Angel award winners and certified by the FSC®. They consist of 100 % recycled paper with no added virgin fibres, optical brighteners or refining agents which are harmful to health.

Conserving the environment & resources
Consistent use of 100% recycled paper preserves and protects our forests and waters. When compared to virgin fibre paper production, our products save over 70% of the water, 60% of the energy and 100% of the wood required while, additionally, generating considerably lower CO2 emissions.

Your one-stop provider – Made in Germany
Our production conserves resources and is realised exclusively in Germany to the latest technical standards – with the assurance of ISO 50001 certification.

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