Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard

Papier Sprick offers a wide variety of corrugated board for an equally wide range of applications, for example, for lining wire mesh boxes, stuffing transport containers, covering surfaces, wrapping sensitive goods or as intermediate layers on pallets.

We offer all common single- and multi-corrugated qualities: B flute, C flute, E flute, combined BE flute as well as F flute. Depending on the intended use of the corrugated board and the requirements for the packaging, an individual paper grade can be supplied in each case with different basis weights and properties for the outer cover, corrugated web and inner cover. With our DUO‑Pack corrugated board, you get laminations of eco-friendly fleece as well as PE foam or PU foam for the protection of sensitive surfaces.

We are one of the few corrugated cardboard manufacturers who offer single face and single ply corrugated cardboard on rolls – DUO-Pack – in addition to format goods. Likewise, we produce two-ply roll corrugated board – DUO‑Pack XL.

You can use corrugated rolls very variably, and due to the “endlessness” in length you are not dependent on the dimensions of the goods to be protected. Corrugated roll board can be individually processed by machine or by hand on site – it can be easily torn off and is therefore easy to use.

The low price of corrugated cardboard is almost unbeatable compared to other paper processing products in terms of its flexible application possibilities.

Compact corrugated roll with outstanding strength and a long run length

Classic, very inexpensive packaging material for a variety of applications in different qualities

Combination of corrugated cardboard and PE foam specially designed to protect highly sensitive surfaces

Combination of corrugated cardboard and PU foam with non-slip properties

Off-the-roll paper-laminated corrugated cardboard for tailored, systematic packaging

Environmentally friendly single-sided fleece-laminated packaging material

Double-ply corrugated cardboard on the roll for particularly high transportation protection requirements