Machines and material for secure strapping of packaged goods
  • Secure closure and bundling of shipping cartons and pallet loads
  • PP machine strap
  • PP strap, small coil
  • Manual strapping systems
  • Mobile strap dispenser trolley
  • Flexible battery strapping systems
  • Automatic strapping systems

Strapping material is ideal for sealing, reinforcing and bundling packages and securing pallet loads – whether as a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic solution. A differentiation is made between PP, polyester strap or textile strap. We only maintain stocks of PP strap, both for machine and manual applications.

We will be happy to advise you if you are still looking for a suitable strapping system. We can provide you with manual hand-held devices, light and mobile strap dispenser trolleys, robust and low-maintenance battery strapping units and automatic and easy to operate strapping machines.

Product features

Strapping material  


  • Stock item available at short notice
  • PP machine strap, black
  • PP strap, small coil


Other versions available on request 

Add-ons and accessories

Corrugated cardboard cartons in all dimensions and qualities

Edge protection made of robust solid board in different qualities and dimensions

Boxes off the roll: Varipack allows you to manufacture tailored cartons on demand yourself

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The best for the environment

100% recycled paper
Our eco-friendly filling and padding papers are Blue Angel award winners and certified by the FSC®. They consist of 100 % recycled paper with no added virgin fibres, optical brighteners or refining agents which are harmful to health.

Conserving the environment & resources
Consistent use of 100% recycled paper preserves and protects our forests and waters. When compared to virgin fibre paper production, our products save over 70% of the water, 60% of the energy and 100% of the wood required while, additionally, generating considerably lower CO2 emissions.

Your one-stop provider – Made in Germany
Our production conserves resources and is realised exclusively in Germany to the latest technical standards – with the assurance of ISO 50001 certification.

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