Adhesive tapes  & strapping

Adhesive tapes  & strapping

For the secure sealing of your shipping goods, we offer adhesive tapes and strapping in a wide range of variants. Whether environmentally friendly paper tape, PP tape (made of polypropylene) or PVC (made of polyvinyl chloride) – our selection leaves nothing to be desired. You can also decide which color, which adhesive and which unwinding properties your adhesive tape should have. How about our thread-reinforced, extremely tear-resistant and environmentally friendly paper adhesive tape, for example?

To process adhesive tapes quickly, seal cardboard boxes and packages easily and securely, use our adhesive tape dispensers. You have the choice between hand dispensers made of metal or plastic – with or without safety knife. For our wet adhesive tape, we also offer wet tape dispensers for heavy corrugated cardboard boxes and for large temperature fluctuations.

Practical dispensers for particularly speedy application of adhesive tapes

Individual adhesive tape design with high-quality print

Particularly eco-friendly and tear-resistant adhesive tape made of paper

Robust polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride adhesive tapes

Machines and material for secure strapping of packaged goods

Conspicuous adhesive tape with different imprints to indicate particularly sensitive shipping goods

We help you to find the right adhesive tape in the right quality for your area of application from the wide variety of adhesive tapes available on the market.

Are you shipping particularly sensitive items?

We have the right information tape for you! In eye-catching Singal red, we offer the right package tape for every use in several languages.

Custom printed adhesive tape

Inspire your customers with an individual imprint! With us you get adhesive tapes with your own, high-quality print. You determine the design and the texture of the packaging tape. And the best thing about it: Even from a small purchase quantity, we don’t charge you any additional cliché costs!