DUO‑Pack is a packaging material consisting of single-sided corrugated cardboard with an additional coating on the corrugated side. This lamination is realised in customised paper qualities or, alternatively, foam or nonwoven, enabling optimum protection of even delicate surfaces. DUO-Pack therefore combines the best characteristics of different materials. DUO-Pack is light, flexible and hard-wearing and avoids transportation damage and resulting claims, thanks to the double protection provided by the packaging.

DUO‑Pack is extremely versatile, being used for applications such as the protection of glass, porcelain, wood, metal, profiles, furniture and spare parts, or as an alternative to packing blankets in the forwarding industry.

On the roll, DUO-Pack is the ideal basic material for the individual “box off the roll” or edge protection. Our VariPack processing machine allows you to produce your own cartons from batch size 1, and edge protection can be created with the VariProtect XL®, efficiently and flexibly.

We can also provide you with appropriate cutting systems for cutting corrugated cardboard to suit requirements. An example of these is the VariProtect® 800.

Combination of corrugated cardboard and PE foam specially designed to protect highly sensitive surfaces

Combination of corrugated cardboard and PU foam with non-slip properties

Off-the-roll paper-laminated corrugated cardboard for tailored, systematic packaging

Environmentally friendly single-sided fleece-laminated packaging material

Double-ply corrugated cardboard on the roll for particularly high transportation protection requirements