A new member for the international sales department: Robert Kölbel has recently joined our staff. Once again, we warmly welcome Robert to the team!

Read our interview to find out which aspects of his job he values most and why he decided to work for Papier Sprick:
Robert Kölbel – Vertrieb international
Robert Kölbel – International sales

“I’m particularly interested in working with international customers because I love to speak English and I enjoy travelling a lot. The job description for international sales was just the perfect fit for me.”

“I immediately noticed the positive working atmosphere. I was welcomed in a very friendly way right from the first day. The onboarding process is well organised and structured. You can see that they put a lot of thought into it!”

“I think it’s good that Papier Sprick takes the issue of environmental protection seriously. Many companies today claim sustainability – but our recycled products are genuinely sustainable and are made in Germany. I appreciate the extensive know-how that can be seen in all areas. In engineering and production, of course, but also in other internal areas such as the vehicle fleet or the workshop in Diemelstadt. The high level of added value is impressive.”

“For the work in sales, I consider it particularly important to be able to listen and to ask specific questions. That way you understand what the customer’s needs are, what challenges they have and how we can support them with our solutions.”

“Don’t be shy and always be open to suggestions! You also have to be able to accept failure – from this you can take away important insights for the future”.

“The contact with our partners and customers is particularly important to me. I’ve already been able to get to know some customers who I really appreciate personally and professionally. Now I’m looking forward to getting started and tackling the many projects!”

“In my free time, I practice kickboxing and also work here as a youth trainer. There’s just a great atmosphere there and it’s a good balance to everyday work.”

“I lived in South Africa for some time and have dual citizenship!”

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