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Our commitment


The destruction of natural forests is one of the most significant ecological problems on Earth, massively impairing the global climate balance. Practically every second tree felled for industrial purposes around the world is processed to produce pulp for manufacturing paper. This makes the paper industry a key sector when it comes to considering the future of our forests.

Our sense of responsibility is reflected in our commitment
Forests are an important source of life for human beings, animals and plants. Trees create clean air for us to breathe, store carbon, keep groundwater clean and provide protection against erosion and the reflection of sunlight, all of which regulates our climate.

It is with great concern that we too observe the development and the current demise of our native forests and the associated decline in the biodiversity of flora and fauna. Papier Sprick already makes a major contribution to the relief of forests through production certified for energy management that transforms waste paper into recycled paper. This means that we are already contributing to the preservation of what is an important CO2 reservoir for the Earth’s atmosphere.

But we can do much, much more!
We invest part of our revenues from customer orders in the future of our forests and the planting of new trees.


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We have entered a climate protection partnership with PLANT-MY-TREE® to advance our commitment to environmental and climate protection in Germany. The trees are mainly planted in our homeland, making a regional, transparent contribution with real, accessible forests. The newly afforested or reforested areas are subsequently transferred to the PLANT-MY-TREE foundation which will care for them on a sustained level for at least 99 years. The procedures involved and relevant documentation are certified by the TÜV technical inspection association pursuant to DIN ISO 9001:2015.

Das Beste für die Umwelt

100 % Recyclingpapier
Unsere umweltfreundlichen Füll- und Polsterpapiere sind mit dem Blauen Engel ausgezeichnet sowie FSC®-zertifiziert. Sie bestehen zu 100 % aus recyceltem Papier ohne Beimischung von Frischfasern, optischen Aufhellern oder gesundheitsschädlichen Veredelungsmitteln.

Umwelt & Ressourcen schonen
Der konsequente Einsatz von 100-prozentigem Recyclingpapier erhält und schützt unsere Wälder und Gewässer. Gegenüber der Produktion von Frischfaserpapieren werden jeweils über 70 % Wasser und 60 % Energie sowie 100 % Holz eingespart und zudem deutlich geringere CO2-Emissionen verursacht.

Alles aus einer Hand – Made in Germany
Unsere ressourcenschonende Produktion erfolgt ausnahmslos in Deutschland nach neuesten technischen Standards – ISO 50001-zertifiziert.